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  • 1 unit
Units per Packaging 1
Material PLASTIC
Measures: 18 X 17 X 19 CM

The Mini Cool Aire was designed as a compact, powerful air inflator with the features to inflate all types and sizes of round balloons.


  • Plug your Cool Aire inflator into a wall outlet and place it on a flat, level, dry surface.
  • Reducing nozzles should only be used if needed depending on the type of balloon being inflated, as they can cause the inflator to heat up due to restricted airflow. We recommend that you only use the switch for momentary use when using the reducing nozzles supplied with your Mini Cool Aire inflator. Remember to firmly attach the proper size reducing nozzle to the inflator nozzle to prevent it from being ejected.
  • You can use the Mini Cool Aire inflator in momentary or continuous mode using the 3-way rocker switch.
  • The Mini Cool Aire inflator should never be used for more than 45 minutes continuously; turn off the appliance for 10 minutes after each 45-minute operating cycle.

Small diameter angle reducer: use with 9-inch or smaller foil balloons.

Large Diameter Angled Reducer: Use with large foil balloons 18 inches or larger.


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