As part of compliance with our comprehensive management aimed at satisfying our customers and exceeding their expectations by supplying high quality products, Sempertex de Colombia SAS (hereinafter, “Sempertex”) has arranged to make shipments to a large part of the Colombian territory through a subcontracted transportation company who guarantees safety, coverage and quality of service (hereinafter, “the transportation company”).


Delivery times

Deliveries are only made to locations that are within the coverage areas enabled on the Website and may be selected at the time of purchase. Deliveries are only made in localities (municipalities) where there is coverage. Deliveries are made through the transport company that provides the service. Delivery times may vary depending on destination and weather conditions.

The product(s) are delivered to the transport company within 48 hours after the payment is confirmed.

You must bear in mind that the delivery dates and times are effective when the purchase and inventory confirmation process is approved. In addition, dispatches are made only from Monday to Saturday, according to the availability indicated at the time of purchase.

 The delivery times to each municipality can be found at our following link: 


The order information and the shipping guide number will be sent to the email informed by the consumer at the time of purchase, in such a way that he can validate the shipping status through the carrier's website, with said tracking number. guide.


Shipping costs

The value of the shipment and transport of the products will be informed at the time of making the purchase, which is calculated according to the size (measures) and weight of the products purchased, and will be informed at the time of settlement, before making the payment. .


Keep in mind

The sale will be subject to product availability and payment confirmation. If at the time of making the purchase, the purchased product is not available or there is something new in the payment, we will contact you via email to follow up on it.

The prices published on our Website DO NOT include the shipping cost. In the event that the consumer provides an address that is not located by the transport company, and therefore an additional cost is generated, it will be covered by the consumer.

In the presence of the transportation company and before signing the receipt on the shipping guide, the receiver must carefully review the packages and verify that they are in perfect condition. In case of evidence of a fault in the packaging, do not receive the product or sign the guide. If the consumer signs without reviewing, he will lose the right to claim. If you present any news, contact our Customer Service or Attention Lines within 24 hours of delivery.



Chat through our page during the hours:

8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday to Friday

8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Saturdays

PBX: (57 + 5) 366 9800

Email Address:

National hotline 018000 515515

Whatsapp 320 5422116


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