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Find the list of balloon artists that have been recognized by Sempertex.

If you want to be updated, check
concepts and techniques in balloons.

Terms and Conditions

  • It is essential to arrive 30 minutes before the exam.
  • The jury evaluates under the standards defined by Sempertex.
  • To obtain certification, the participant must pass the exam with a minimum of 85 points.

education guide


The EDUCATION guide is a virtual material that serves as support to take the recognition practical exam.

The Education Guide:

(Videos, tutorials, examples)


Ethics code (Only in Spanish)


I will act promptly, with respect, integrity and professionalism.

• Delivering the work agreed with the client, taking into account the use of the necessary materials to carry out a professional job (quantities, sizes, colors and references).
• I will be environmentally responsible, disposing of materials in the indicated places, taking into account the recommendations suggested by Sempertex.
• I will express my opinions about the work of others in a constructive and respectful way.
• I will not use work or projects developed by others to promote myself or take advantage of myself. In case of using images from third parties, I must have their prior authorization and place copyright.
• I will not practice unfair competition.


Get recognized as a decoration professional

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enero, febrero, marzo, abril, mayo, junio, julio, agosto, septiembre, octubre, noviembre, diciembre
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