Minnie is without a doubt one of the favorite characters for all girls and the special thing is that she allows us to dream of creating as many environments as there are facets of this wonderful Disney character. In this celebration, inspired by one of the Minnie Boutique stories, we see how the Matte Pastel palette is chosen to bring this magical world to life. The main stage was decorated with an organic ceiling created with a mesh based on Link-O-Loon® where the large-format balloons stand out in different colors as well as the falling strips made of nylon with R-5 balloons to give it a fantastic touch. This organic technique was also used to create a border and guide the entire entrance path to the event area.

The mosaic technique to fill letters or numbers is very fashionable. You can fill it with balloons of different sizes, colors and textures, and even mix plain and printed ones according to the theme and give your decoration a different touch.

In open spaces you can use large structures that will give your celebration a surprising touch. The facade of the house was created with a mesh joined in quartets alternating sizes where the colors of the balloons were in charge of delimiting each of its parts, while the hot air balloon was created with Link-O-Loon® and the upper part It is technique in pairs alternating sizes.

Prepared by: MARTHA HERNÁNDEZ and Melanie Reyes, Posh EVentos Boutique