The balloon pretend play game that everyone will love! To do this you need: 1.Balloons, tape, pieces of paper, pen or marker. 2.Write something on each piece of paper to imitate... eg: dog, lion, car... 3.Inflate the balloon a little to make it stretch and then squeeze out the air. 4.Put a piece of paper in each balloon, inflate it again and tie it. 5. Stick the balloons on a wall and let's play! #LearnHaveFunSempertex CAVEAT! Adult supervision is required. Uninflated, uninflated or broken balloons can cause choking or suffocation in children under 8 years of age. Uninflated or uninflated balloons should be kept out of reach of children. Broken balloons should be disposed of immediately. When inflating the balloons keep them away from the eyes. Eye protection is recommended, if possible wear safety glasses when inflating balloons. For safety and hygiene reasons, do not inflate orally, use a balloon inflator.