A new season has begun and we want to continue inspiring you with trending color combinations that are ideal for implementing in all your celebrations and decorations.

Get to know the new Autumn 2021 Palettes, 4 innovative proposals that are added to our great concept of the year, Fashionaloon, inspired by fashion trends and nature.

Early Autumn Palette Inspired by the color of the leaves that fall from the trees, the dry land and the long nights with cold breezes that accompany this season. The perfect mix between warm and cold tones that will give your decorations a natural and elegant touch. Deep Autumn Palette Autumn sunsets, characteristic for their warm hues, brought this palette to life. 6 shades that complement each other for an eye-catching, offbeat and modern combination.

Pumpkin Spice Palette The perfect recipe for a unique fall flavor! A combination inspired by the fresh but intriguing flavors typical of this season, ideal for a striking and fascinating decoration.

Rosé Hues Palette

Captivating! The mix of sober and elegant colors that make you fall in love at first sight. A timeless mix that will always set the trend this and every season of the year.