]1. Assemble 2 strips of 8 Link-O-Loon® 6 Fashion Pink at 9 cm (Figure No. 1).

Fig. No. 1

2. Inflate 8 R-5 Fashion Fuchsia to 6 cm and divide them to form pairs (Figure No. 2).

Fig. No. 2

3. Intertwine with a couple, the first balloon of each strip to form the flower border, then intertwine each two balloons and tie the ends at the end to form the basket (Figure No. 3).

Fig. No. 3

4. Inflate a quartet of Link-O-Loon® 6 Fashion Pink to 7 cm and weave it into the base of the basket (Figure No. 4).

Fig. No. 4

5. Inflate and tie two 160 Fashion Lilac Tubes, leaving 10 cm uninflated. Make two 4 cm pinches and weave them into one of the seams of the basket. Continue with a 25 cm braid, then two pinches and continue with the braid until it ends in two intertwined pinches at the other end of the basket (Figure No. 5).

Fig. No. 5

6. Place a Pastel Pink “I Love You” 12 Crystal Heart in the center of the braid. Knot an R-5 Fashion Fuchsia with water at the base to give stability to the figure (Figure No. 6).

Fig. No. 6