• (11) R-5 Fashion Black
  • (1) R-12 Infinity Monsters
  • (4) R-12 Fashion Black
  • (1) Link-O-Loon 660® Fashion Black
  • (2) T260 Fashion Orange
  • (2) T260 Fashion White
  • (2) T260 Fashion Lime Green Double Sided Ribbon


  1. Inflate a Link-O Loon® 660 Fashion Black leaving 10 cm uninflated. Divide it and intertwine a quintet of R-5 Fashion Black at 11 cm.

  2. For the shoes: Take 2 R-12 Fashion Black inflated to 14 cm. Knot them a little apart and divide each one to form a quad. Take an R-5 Fashion Black with water and tie one end of the Link-O Loon® 660 Fashion Black. Repeat for the other side.

  3. Inflate a Link-O Loon® 12 Fashion Orange to 23 cm for the body and tie it to the legs.

  4. Interlace an 8 cm Black Fashion quartet in the Link-O Loon® and tie the R-12 Infinity Monsters to it.

  5. For the arms: Inflate a 260 Fashion Orange Tube leaving 2 cm uninflated. Assemble 2 donuts of 4 cm and weave 3 bubbles of 30 cm each. For the hand, inflate 10 cm of a 260 Fashion White Tube, make an 8 cm donut and two 3 cm pinches. Repeat for the other arm.

  6. Knot a piece of deflated Tube at the ends of each arm and intertwine it around the monster's body.

  7. For the antennas: Inflate 40 cm of a Lime Green Fashion Tube 260. Assemble a 4 cm donut, two 2 cm pinches, a 15 cm bubble and 3 2 cm pinches. Cut, knot and repeat for the other antenna. Double-sided tape them to the monster's forehead.