• (1) C-14 Imp I Love You Brilliant Reflex Gold
  • (2) R-12 Imp I Love You Brilliant Reflex Crystal Red
  • (8) R-12 Reflex Gold
  • (8) R-5 Reflex Crystal Red
  • (17)R-5 Fashion Sand
  • (4) T260 Fashion Arena
  • (4) T260 Reflex Gold


  1. Build a column alternating size between R-12 Reflex Gold at 20 cm and R-5 Fashion Arena at 10 cm.

  2. In the center of the column, weave a quartet of R-5 Fashion Arena at 11 cm. On this quartet weaves a C-14 Imp I Love You Brilliant Reflex Gold.

  3. On the sides of the column, weave an R-12 Imp I Love You Brilliant Red Crystal Reflex at 17 cm to a quartet of R-5 Red Crystal Reflex at 8 cm. Shape the R-12 with your hands to make it rounder. Repeat the process and intertwine them at each end of the column.

  4. To decorate the base, inflate a pair of R-5 Reflex Crystal Red and tie it at the end, this way it will be easier to divide them and turn them into quartets. Repeat until you get about 4 quads in total. Intertwine them with small pieces of T260 in different places on the base.

  5. To make the asterisks, inflate a Gold T260 Reflex leaving about 6 cm uninflated. Knot it and make a donut approximately 14 cm. With the leftover, make two more donuts. Repeat the process and weave the donuts together. Intertwine these asterisks at each end of the base.