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The use of the Page E-commerce implies the express and complete knowledge and acceptance of these terms and conditions. The user who does not agree with these terms and conditions has the full right not to use the Website. E-commerce. However, the use of the Website E-commerce, fully demonstrates full, total and unconditional acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

Object. These terms and conditions regulate the relationship between the User and Sempertex de Colombia SAS (hereinafter, “Sempertex””) regarding access and use by the User of the Website of E-commerce property of Sempertex (hereinafter, “Page of E-commerce”). The User, when entering the Page of E-commerce through any modality or means known or to be known and/or accepting the terms and conditions, is bound by them.

the page of E-commerce is a Sempertex tool, through which Sempertex will share advertising information by means of which it makes known its products, catalogues, services, and in general information related to the company, for the user's knowledge and/or interest in acquiring any of previous.

Users You can use the page E-commerce, natural persons who meet all of the following requirements, in addition to any other established in this document:


  1. Accept these terms and conditions; Y
  2. Authorize the processing of personal data under the terms of the Personal Data Processing Policy located at

Scope of the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions fully and totally govern the use of the Website. Ecommerce. Therefore, by CLICKING on the I AGREE window or using the E-commerce, the User automatically expresses his understanding and full and total acceptance of these terms and conditions, as well as the guidelines, rules, notices and other conditions and additional terms published on the Website. E-commerce, all of which are an integral part of these terms and conditions.

Modifications. Sempertex may modify these terms and conditions at any time and will notify the User, via email, on the same Website. E-commerce, or other effective means. The User must accept these changes when entering the Website. E-commerce in order to continue using this Page in accordance with the new terms and conditions.

updates. Sempertex is not obliged to provide updates or improvements to the Website. E-commerce. However, if Sempertex, in its sole discretion, updates, changes, diminishes or improves the Website E-commerce, these terms and conditions will apply to such updates, changes, decreases, improvements, etc., unless explicitly stated otherwise. For this purpose, Sempertex will give notice to the User about the updates, changes, reductions, improvements, etc., and he must give his acceptance if he wants to continue using the Page of E-commerce.

Software. The User directly or through a third party may not use any software, service or application that modifies, closes, restricts, or redirects, or attempts to modify, close, restrict or redirect the Page of E-commerce. The User will not access the Page of E-commerce using automated means (such as harvesting bots, robots, spiders or scrapers), nor may you allow a third party to access and/or use the E-commerce Page in your name or on your behalf through an automated process such as, for example, robots or web crawlers or periodic storage of the information contained in the Page. of E-commerce. The User agrees to be solely responsible (against Sempertex and third parties) for all the activities that he carries out on the Website. E-commerce, and will hold harmless Sempertex, its employees, shareholders, partners, affiliates, representatives, distributors, contractors and/or service providers, etc., (hereinafter, the "Compensable Parties") for this concept. The User may not use any software or hardware that reduces the number of users who have access to or use the Website. E-commerce.

Intellectual property. The User may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, grant licenses, store, create derivative works, disclose, transfer, sell and in general use commercially any information, software, products or services found in and/or are part of the Page of E-commerce.

All the content of the page E-commerce, including but not limited to photographs, texts, drawings, trademarks, music, software, technical developments, designs, images and, in general, everything well protected by intellectual property rights, image rights and/or copyrights. domains (hereinafter, the "Materials") that is provided to be viewed, used or downloaded through the Website. E-commerce, belongs and will belong to Sempertex or to third parties that have authorized or licensed it to include them on the Website. E-commerce. The User declares to know and accept that he does not have and will not have any right over the Materials and that the use he makes of them must always be a private non-commercial use, which does not violate the honest and legal uses in terms of property rights. intellectual.

The User may not reproduce, disassemble, decompile and/or use reverse engineering techniques on the Website. E-commerce, the Materials or in the software of the Site of E-commerce and/or the Materials. All Materials are protected by copyright laws and international treaty provisions. Through these terms and conditions, the User is clearly and directly informed that the Materials are protected by national and international regulations on intellectual property law, for which the User accepts that any use made of the Materials Outside of the honest or legal uses in terms of intellectual property law, it is a use in bad faith, with the manifest intention of harming Sempertex and/or a third party, and obtaining a benefit for oneself or for a third party for it. .

If the User infringes the intellectual property rights of another person, or if Sempertex receives information about a possible infringement of their rights or the rights of third parties, Sempertex will be entitled to delete the information of the infringing User immediately and seek compensation for the damages caused to Sempertex as a result of the infringement. The User is solely responsible for the content uploaded or used on the Website. E-commerce.

User Responsibility. Sempertex will make its best efforts so that the Page of E-commerce be a secure site, but cannot guarantee it. The security of the page E-commerce It is also the responsibility of the User, which implies the following commitments:

  1. Do not send or otherwise post unauthorized commercial communications (such as spam) on the Website. E-commerce;
  2. Do not collect content or information from other users, or otherwise access the Website. E-commerce, using automated means (such as harvesting bots, robots, spiders or scrapers) without authorization from Sempertex.
  3. Do not participate in the Page E-commerce in illegal multilevel marketing, such as pyramid schemes;
  4. Do not upload viruses or malicious code of any kind.
  5. Do not request information from other users or access the information of another user.
  6. Do not annoy, intimidate or harass any user.
  7. Do not post content that is hurtful, threatening, or pornographic, that incites violence, or that contains nudity or graphic or unwarranted violence.
  8. Do not use the Page E-commerce for illegal, deceptive, malicious or discriminatory acts.
  9. Not perform any action that could disable, overload or affect the proper functioning of the Website. E-commerce such as a denial of service attack.
  10. Do not facilitate or encourage the violation of these terms and conditions.

Likewise, as a condition for the use of the Page of E-commerce, the user:

  • You will not use the services for any illegal purpose, that is prohibited by current regulations, honest uses and/or the terms and conditions, or that violates the honor and good name of the Indemnifiable Parties or third parties;
  • You will not use the Website E-commerce in any way that could damage, disable, overload, reduce and in general modify the capacity of the Website. E-commerce or interfere in the use and enjoyment of the same by third parties;
  • You will not circumvent, disable or otherwise tamper with, or attempt to circumvent, disable or tamper with, the security features of the Site. E-commerce, nor will it alter or modify any part of the Website. E-commerce;
  • You will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any third party account and/or information, or interfere with and/or manipulate in any way accounts, computer systems, or networks associated with the Website. E-commerce;
  • You will not obtain or attempt to obtain from the Website E-commerce and/or Sempertex any material or information by any means not intentionally provided or made available through the Website. E-commerce;
  • You will not offer services for commercial purposes to third parties nor will you have the right to receive any amount from third parties for the use of the Website. E-commerce, either directly or indirectly, without the prior written consent of Sempertex;
  • You will be fully and exclusively responsible for the use you make of the Website. E-commerce and will keep Sempertex and all the Indemnifiable Parties harmless for this concept;
  • It will guarantee that all the information that it sends, incorporates and/or manifests in the use of the Page of E-commerce is true and accurate and does not hide or alter information of any kind.

If the User fails to comply with any of the obligations or provisions included in these terms and conditions, or in any way puts Sempertex at risk or exposes it legally, Sempertex may block or restrict the User's access to the Website. E-commerce, in addition to the legal actions that may take place.

Uses of the Page E-commerce. The User may not use the Website E-commerce to advertise or offer to buy or sell products or services, or to conduct a business or develop a business activity or commercial exploitation of any kind without the prior written consent of Sempertex.

The user:

  • You will not use the Website E-commerce in surveys, contests, pyramid schemes, chain letters, spam, bulk mail, or in any repetitive message, whether widely distributed or not;
  • You will not defame, abuse, harass, spy on, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights of others (such as the right to privacy) who use the Website. E-commerce;
  • You will not create a false identity in order to mislead other users or Sempertex;
  • You will not post, transfer, distribute, or disclose on the Website E-commerce any topic, name, information or material that is inappropriate, irreverent, defamatory, obscene, indecent, intimidating, illegal or that incites violence, expresses ideology, discriminates, constrains or creates confusion;
  • You will not transfer, stream, or otherwise provide files or other material containing images, photographs, software, applications, or other material protected by copyright, privacy, or image rights, unless you have the ownership or control of the corresponding rights or has received all necessary consents to do so;
  • You will not use any material, works or information, including images, text and photographs, provided through the Website. E-commerce in any way that infringes the rights of third parties or Sempertex;
  • You will not transfer, stream, or otherwise provide files or other material that contains viruses, "Trojan horses," "worms," ​​time bombs, wipe programs, corrupted files, or any other similar programs or software that may impair the operation of the third-party equipment, those of Sempertex and/or the Indemnifiable Parties;
  • You will not violate any code of conduct or any guideline that is applicable to the Website. E-commerce; (ix) you will not use the Website E-commerce to collect or otherwise collect any information about third parties, including email addresses.

Sempertex reserves the right to remove the information published on the Page of E-commerce by the User when deemed necessary, without prior notice, and will not be held responsible for the loss of said information in the event that the User does not have a copy of it.

Sempertex respects the rules and rights of third parties and invites and requires Users to do the same. Therefore, no User may upload to the Page of E-commerce or use on the Page E-commerce materials or assets protected by intellectual property rights for which you are not the owner or authorized licensee for their use. Any unauthorized use, in Sempertex's opinion, will allow Sempertex to remove the User from the Website. E-commerce.

You may notify Sempertex by email ( if you become aware that any material on the Website E-commerceinfringes your intellectual property rights or those of a third party.

Construction inspection. By accepting the terms and conditions of the Website E-commerce, the User authorizes Sempertex to supervise and/or record at any time the communications, data transfers, file exchanges, browsing process, etc., for the purpose of: (i) verifying and guaranteeing compliance by the User with the terms and conditions; (ii) comply with applicable law and legal procedures; (iii) protect the rights, property and interests of Sempertex, the Indemnifiable Parties and/or the general public; (iv) supervise the provision of services.

Sempertex also reserves the right to modify, refuse to transfer or remove any information or material, in whole or in part, and at its sole discretion, including the right to remove the entire Website from public access. E-commerce, without the need for prior notice to the User. Closing the page E-commerce by Sempertex that can be made at its sole discretion - will not generate the payment of commission, price, compensation, penalty clause, fee, bonus, compensation or in general any payment for the User.

Management of User Information. By accepting these terms and conditions, the User authorizes Sempertex to collect, store, process, update and use the User's personal information consisting of: name, surname, physical address, and email, for the Sempertex database. . Sempertex will not share any personal information with third parties for third-party marketing purposes, or for fraudulent purposes or that contravene the applicable regulations on personal data protection in Colombia.

Users must provide their personal information (name, surname, physical address, email) in the means that Sempertex determines, in an exact, precise and true manner (hereinafter, the "Personal Data") and assume the commitment to update the Data Personal as needed. The Users declare and guarantee that the Personal Data is exact, truthful, current and authentic.

By providing their Personal Data, the User is authorizing Sempertex to process their Personal Data in accordance with the purposes established in the Sempertex Personal Data Processing Policy, which can be found at the following link: https://

By authorizing the processing of personal data, the User states that they know and accept the terms of processing their Personal Data by Sempertex, in accordance with the Personal Data Processing Policy that you will find in the link previously reported.

Disclaimer. Sempertex provides the User with the Page of E-commerce "as is", "with all faults" and "as available", and the User assumes all risk related to its use. Sempertex and/or the Indemnifiable Parties are not responsible for the use that the User intends or comes to give to the Website. E-commerce

Sempertex will not be responsible for the information provided by the User on the Website. E-commerce, the User is directly responsible for the information provided.

Sempertex is not obliged to provide access to the Website E-commerce safely and free of interruptions or errors, nor is it obliged to correct defects in the operation or functionality of any software provided to the User. Sempertex may modify the Page of E-commerce or the features at any time, in any way, and for any reason without notice. In no event shall the Indemnifiable Parties (including Sempertex) be liable for any direct and/or indirect damages based on or resulting from the use of the Website. E-commerce by the User. If the User is not satisfied with any part of the Website, E-commerce or with any of the conditions of use provided in the terms and conditions, your sole and exclusive remedy will be to discontinue the use of the Page of E-commerce. The User agrees to indemnify, safeguard and hold harmless the Indemnifiable Parties against any claim or demand, including attorneys' fees, filed by third parties arising from or arising from the use by the User of the Website. E-commerce and/or the Materials outside the terms of the Agreement. Sempertex has the autonomous, exclusive and absolute right to prevent the use of the Website. E-commerce by the User and/or to report the User to the competent authorities for non-compliance with the terms and conditions. Likewise, you have the right to collect the sums that have been generated for the damages caused by the User.

Security. Sempertex uses appropriate technology and takes appropriate security precautions for the development, operation, maintenance and/or use of the Website. E-commerce. Except for the adoption of adequate security measures, Sempertex does not guarantee that the Website E-commerce is fully shielded against inappropriate use, disclosure, loss, sale, license, destruction, etc. of the User's personal information, its resources and/or its computer files, due to acts of third parties or that are beyond the control of Sempertex. It is the personal responsibility of the User to ensure that his computer is adequate and secure and is protected against software such as Trojans, computer viruses, worm programs and/or hacking, among other malicious interventions by third parties.

Access. the page of E-commerce and their use are focused exclusively for the Republic of Colombia, even when they are accessible by users outside the Republic of Colombia.

Exact information. The User agrees to provide the true, exact, current and complete information requested by Sempertex. The User agrees to update their data and information to keep them updated and accurate. Sempertex guarantees in any case the confidentiality and secure treatment of the data provided by the User. Sempertex understands that all the information entered by the User is true and is done voluntarily.

Cancellation of purchase. If the customer wants to cancel a purchase, he can do so through the Call Center +57 3205422155, but if the product has already been sent by Sempertex to the address indicated by the Customer, he must pay the cost of withdrawal, which has the same rate of the shipment. 

Important information: This website, although it is a secure site, is not free of errors and consequently the general information, as well as the characteristics of the advertised products and prices may vary due to human or technological errors, manipulation by unauthorized third parties. , virus or any event of invasion or technological manipulation. Consequently, all transactions are subject to subsequent verification by Sempertex. The products and prices included in this web page are aimed at the general public as indeterminate persons and, therefore, a confirmation and acceptance by Sempertex of your purchase order and the payment made will always be necessary, at which time the corresponding invoice and the sales contract between the User and Sempertex will be perfected. Consequently, the User expressly authorizes Sempertex and the bank or payment method chosen to carry out any transaction, to reverse the transaction in any event if the transaction is not confirmed for any reason.

Payment Policy.

At Sempertex we use MERCADO PAGO as a payment gateway, a company recognized for its high security standards due to the use of information encryption tools, which guarantee compliance with the processing of personal data that travels safely on the web. By using the MERCADO PAGO platform, the client accepts the terms and conditions and treatment of personal data of MERCADO PAGO to make payments and accept money refunds, if applicable. Sempertex never stores banking information of buyers, such as credit card numbers and/or bank accounts, since this information is sent directly to MERCADO PAGO, who is in charge of its administration.

Note: All refunds generated (following the guidelines of our exchange and refund policies) will be managed through the MERCADO PAGO platform to the customer's original payment method. To carry out this management correctly.

Shipping Policy.

To review the shipping policies of the Sempertex website, you can consult them published at the following link:

Exchange and Return Policy.

To review the exchange and return policies of the Sempertex website, you can consult them published at the following link:

Payment Methods

To review the payment methods of the Sempertex website, you can consult them published in the following link:


If the buyer wishes to change any of our products or withdraw the purchase, he must take into account that in accordance with the right of withdrawal enshrined in article 47 of the Consumer Statute, the maximum term to exercise this right is 5 days. business days counted from the purchase of the product. For the return of the money, it cannot exceed 30 calendar days and will proceed with respect to our exchange and return policy. The return of the product is at the customer's expense.

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