Have fun at home with your children and this educational idea with balloons, ice and dinosaurs.

1. You need: plastic animals, balloons and water
2.Fill each balloon with an animal and water
3.Freeze them
4.Open the balloons and they will have the animals trapped in ice
5.To rescue them they must use salt and a water spray
6.Add salt which will melt the ice faster
7.Add water to rescue animals

CAVEAT! Adult supervision is required. Uninflated, uninflated or broken balloons can cause choking or suffocation in children under 8 years of age. Uninflated or uninflated balloons should be kept out of reach of children. Broken balloons should be disposed of immediately. When inflating the balloons keep them away from the eyes. Eye protection is recommended, if possible wear safety glasses when inflating balloons. For safety and hygiene reasons, do not inflate orally, use a balloon inflator.