Just as the gender reveal started with fury and today is a favorite theme of celebration for pregnant couples, the arrival of the new member of the family is starting a trend that is gradually gaining strength and is the presentation in society of the new baby. In this party we can see how the palette of pastel tones was chosen to give a sweet and tender touch to this decoration. An eye-catching photo setting was organically created with an arch whose columns connect at the base and mesh backing created with Link-O-Loon® balloons. which was irregularly closed with R-12 and R-18 balloons to connect with the technique used in the frame.

Lined columns from floor to ceiling and a large arch created organically with balloons in different shades simulated the rainbow. Decorative accessories such as cages can be used and decorated with balloons in different sizes in the shades of the selected theme.

Prepared by: ANDRÉS OLARTE