"When the balloons are the protagonists of the decoration"

When we talk about decorating weddings with balloons, perhaps we will think at first that it is something old-fashioned or that it might not look as elegant as with flowers. However, this proposal shows us the opposite, as the use of balloons in the correct way helps us to create a sophisticated and sober atmosphere for a wedding.

Incredibly there are many ideas that today we can do with balloons in a wedding decoration, such as balloon chains as a background on the altar, giant balloons hanging from the ceiling and for the photo studio of the couple, balloons with helium at the exit of the ceremony, balloons decorating the tables mixed with flowers, for the entrance way to the reception and many more.

The ceiling was decorated with chains of balloons in different sizes in an organic way to achieve the effect of a covered ceiling.

A large LINK-O-LOON® balloon tunnel filled with different sized balloons was created at the entrance to the ceremony, and tropical palm leaves were added for a pop of color.


Balloons R-24 perfect for weddings FOR ITS FORM COMPLETELY ROUND


R-24 balloons are ideal to use with helium and leave them in a decoration space as shown in the photo, so that guests can use them as accessories for their photos.

Made by: Carmen Elena Pérez & Sempertex