If your child gets excited when they see a Tyrannosaurus Rex or Velociraptor and loves to imitate the magical sound of these animals, this theme will undoubtedly be their favorite. The fantasy of the jungle world combined with these huge characters is the basis for creating a prehistoric setting. In this celebration you can see how the decoration with balloons is the protagonist, an organic ceiling with different shades of Green, accompanied by touches of Orange and Brown, with columns decorated with leaves and vines adorning the main table. Using strips created with Link-O-Loon® balloons, they achieved the perfect background to highlight these majestic dinosaurs.

To recreate this theme, be sure to include essential details that will help bring the story to life: footprints, eyes, dinosaur eggs, warning signs, volcanoes, and plants. A tip to generate emotion among your little guests is to mix printed balloons in the decoration with the image of these great reptiles. Also take advantage of large formats such as the R-24 balloons that are now also printed with this theme and are very striking to use organically throughout the decoration.