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Our inks are the best way to add a unique touch to our printed balloon designs. This motivates us to continually innovate with new colors and finishes. The great novelty is the Pastel, Frosted and Copper inks, which are added to the spectacular Metal-ink ink.

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Copper-colored finishes have a strong presence in everything related to decoration. Party decorations have not been the exception, which is why we have launched designs printed with copper-colored ink. This new ink brings warmth and sophistication to our balloons with a range of rich, tan hues, making them the perfect complement to solid color decorations. Join the trend and start decorating and mixing with these designs, we are sure that the result will be incredible.

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It's time to shine with our spectacular new glitter ink printed balloons. Our designs take on a new look with a unique shine that makes them the protagonists either as part of a bouquet or a larger decoration. So hurry up and look for our frosty designs.

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