Frozen is one of the favorite themes for girls to celebrate their birthday and it is expected that later this year it will gain even more strength with the release of the new Disney movie in November of this year. The game of different shades of blue in different textures, mixing silver and white were the inspiration to create this decoration. The main area was framed by an organic arch accompanied by strips of quatrains at the bases of the cake and snack tables that strikingly complete the staging.

Use the Twisted Tube 260 to frame the vase that you can use with balls and natural flowers in the colors of the party to highlight the table.

Combine plain and printed balloons to create eye-catching accents.

Highlight the entryway by creating mesh columns that you can finish in a castle shape and complement with cute Link-O-Loon® topiaries. Additionally, you can give the mesh an organic touch by filling it with R-24 and R-18 balloons, as you can see in the following photo.