We want to keep inspiring you with trend-setting color palettes for every season and celebration of the year!

Implement our new Summer Palettes in all your decorations and keep innovating with unique color combinations.

Vintage Summer Palette

A palette with trendy colors that make a difference, such as Fashion Raspberry, Sand, Mustard, Rosewood and Aquamarine.

aloha palette

The perfect combination of unique colors like our Reflex Fuchsia and Lime Green, ideal for any celebration.

Sunset Palette

Inspired by the fusion of colors that summer sunsets offer, ranging from the yellow of the sun to the naval blue of the night.

Summer Vibes Palette

The mixture of tropical tones with a unique style, representative of summer.

Citrus Palette

A combination of unique colors ranging from yellows to greens, inspired by the delight and freshness of citrus fruits on a hot summer day.

Flamingo Palette

A palette that mixes bluish and pink tones, representative of the crystal clear waters of the sea and the elegance of flamingos.